Friday, March 21, 2008

Short Stories

Ring of Fire

From time to time, I like to re-visit Jon and TC. This little short story is just one of those visits. It takes place sometime after the end of Sin Happens. TC is having a little trouble putting the proper feeling into a song, and Jon is more than happy to help her out.

A Ghost From Her Past

This story is set after Ring of Fire. While on a trip to LA, TC starts having terrible nightmares, but refuses to tell Jon what's causing them. The question is...Does Jon really want to know?

His Job

Another Jon and TC short. Jon gets into a little hot water for not sticking to certain rules of etiquette.


Jon wakes up to find himself in a strange place and at the mercy of a beautiful woman. Is she the victim she makes herself out to be? Or, is she taking advantage of Jon's philanthropic soul?


Bon Jovi has been asked to do an episode of CMT's Crossroads with Sugarland, and Jon finds himself once again dancing with Lust when it comes to Jennifer Nettles.

Rip Off!

I have to admit the source of this little story. Someone pissed me off. There is this fellow Jovi fan that also does a little fan fic writing on the side, but it seems like all of her ideas for her stories she gets from other fan fic that she's read. I noticed a LOT of similarities between my stories and hers. All little things, like in one of my stories the heroine is in a plane crash and suddenly a plane crash got written into one of her ongoing stories. The final straw for me was when she wrote a vampire story. I couldn't help myself and instead of attacking her on a public forum like some others might've done, I used my wit and sarcasm and proved the pen was mightier than the sword. Funny thing though, I didn't notice the similarities in the stories until someone else pointed them out to me, but when I posted this story on a fan fic message board that we're both members of, everyone knew who I was talking about without me having to say so. So, I guess, the friend that pointed it out to me and I weren't the only ones that noticed. I think she got the message, and I got to write a funny little story out of the deal. So, I think we're even. :)


Kris said...

Hi, I just love your stories? Are there anymore stories about Jon and TC? Maybe when they get to know eachother? You wrote that you like to re-visist them, so I thought maybe there is more!!
Greetings from Germany

T said...

Yes, Kris, my book "Sin Happens" started out as a fan fiction. It was about Jon and TC. But, I changed the names and more obvious Bon Jovi references to get it published. Jon became Sin...and so forth. But, the story is still the same. I just can't post it here because of contractual stuff with my publisher.


Sedona Sunrise said...

Hi, just wanted to say how good your stories are - I love reading them! I started my own fan fic site and put a link to your page on it, just wanted to know if thats ok with you? If not just let me know and I'll remove it.
Sedona Sunrise

T said...


Thanks for the "advertising"...I won't ever complain about good publicity!


Kris said...

Hi T,
Is there something wrong with T's place? I try to get to the site, but only get this message:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/setbbco/public_html/phpbb/config/ on line 10
Unable to connect to database on 'localhost' with user 'setbbco_forum'
Please check your settings in!

I have no idead what I should do and I neeeeeddddd to know how some stories and! ;-)

T said...

The server for T's Place is down. It's been down for several days. I'm not sure what the problem is or how long before it's fixed. I've not gotten anything from them. I'm doing everything I know to do...but may have to end up starting T's Place at a different server. If that happens, I will post the new link here and let everyone know.

So sorry about the downtime.


Kris said...

Hi T,
I'm sure you doing everything you can. Take your time to start it at a different place. I'm just always worrying that I've done something wrong with my computer that causes such problems. I'm pretty helpless if it's not working the way it should. ;-) But now I know it's their fault. ;-)

Johnny Yuma said...

Hi T,

I don't really blame you for being upset with that other person. Then again youu could look at it this way--that makes you the way better writer with her trying to copy you. People don't copy people that are worse than they are--Right?

Damon Brewer aka Johnny Yuma